February 2013 archive

Welcome to Our Food Blog

Hello! Aaron and I have finally gotten our act together, and we are going to start blogging about our food adventures. When we started on these adventures almost three years ago, I had been vegetarian for just over four years and was not super adventurous when it came to exploring new vegetables; Aaron was a perfectly happy meat-eater. Aaron dutifully (in an effort to woo me, I think) went to the library, checked out vegetarian cookbooks, and started trying to make veggie food for me. Unfortunately, he quickly discovered that I don’t like leafy greens, tomatoes, mushrooms, and a wide range of other perfectly normal foods. 

Three years later, we’re much better prepared to create a well-balanced, delicious meal for the two of us. The purpose of this blog is to chronicle these continued adventures, as we explore new foods (recently: seitan) and attempt to fulfill my need to own every vegetarian cookbook.