March 2013 archive

Moved to a new site!

For those following along at home, we’ve decided to move to a joint domain (! We didn’t feel like dealing with the hassle of migrating our old site, so we’re using good, old-fashioned copy & paste, because we’ve also done a poor job of actually updating the old site!

Also, after all of two blog entries, we think we’re going to start blogging about more than just food. We’re not quite sure what “more” means yet. We did dye some pretty fantastic Easter eggs today, though.

Happy Passover!

Monday night was the first night of Passover, a Jewish celebration of Exodus. The past several years, we’ve had a seder at my grandparents’ during whatever weekend fell during Passover (traditionally, seders are held the first two nights of Passover). This year, we ended up staying home. However, not to miss the celebration, we were invited to a first-night seder with friends.

Now, the challenge with Passover food is that leavened goods (chametz) (and leavening agents) are forbidden; this may also extend to legumes, depending on your beliefs. While Aaron and I do not follow this at home, we obviously observe this tradition when celebrating with others. Passover provides us with the opportunity to be extra creative when selecting a potluck dish to bring. (When we’ve gone to seders with my family, this gets entirely ignored. Last year, I think we took a pasta with roasted butternut squash….)

When we attended this seder two years ago, we made Apple-Nut Kugel from Something Different for Passover by Zell J. Schulman (a kugel is basically a casserole). It was tasty, but a little boring. So, this year, we decided to make something new.

I was pleasantly surprised that googling for “vegetarian passover recipes” was actually successful.  We settled on a this Sweet Potato Kugel; I was hoping that the wider assortment of vegetables (okay, sweet potatoes and apples) would create a more flavorful dish. I liked the result, and it seemed to go over pretty well with our friends. As advertised, it did yield enough to field a small army.

sweet potato kugel

We’re going to a second seder on Friday night at our Unitarian Universalist church, which should be interesting. I’ve been to traditional seders, secular seders, and sarcastic seders (Aaron uses this term to describe my family’s seder experience), but I’ve never been to a UU seder before!