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Repairing the Patio Drainage System

Unsurprisingly, our patio drainage system (built last spring) did not survive a Wisconsin winter without damage.  We ended up with cracks in two of the fittings and one segment of pipe. I thought this might happen, but I was too lazy to disassemble the system and bring it in over the winter.

Drainage system damageToday’s heavy rain prompted me to make repairs sooner rather than later.  Plus, I figured repairing the system while it was actively raining meant I didn’t need to be super concerned about spilling water from the system onto our downstairs neighbor’s balcony, since their balcony was already wet from the rain.

To make the repairs, I cut from the pipe from the very edge of the first damage connector to the very edge of the second damaged connector.  The two damanged connectors and cracked pipe segment were all together, meaning I only needed to make two cuts and repair one contiguous section.

Drainage system repairs

After the damaged section had been removed, I cut a piece of replacement pipe to be the same length as the damaged piece.  Then, I glued the new connectors and pipe into place.  Luckily, we had space connectors and pipe leftover from the construction process last spring, so I didn’t need to buy any new parts.

As I was reconnecting the pots to the system, I noticed that the adapter one of the pots spun freely.  After everything dries out from the rain, I’ll add a new bead of caulk around this adapter to make sure it doesn’t leak.

Now our system is ready for another season of planting and watering.

Patio pots in May 2014