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First Spring Farmer’s Market

Today was the first outdoor farmer’s market of the year, despite the snow we received yesterday. The market actually runs all year, but it’s indoors from mid-November through mid-April. Every year, we look forward to the market moving outdoors.¬†Aaron and I went bright and early, even though we knew not to expect too many vendors or varied veggies. It was cold (low 30s when we left the house), but the weather was otherwise gorgeous–clear sky and lots of sun!

IMG_6310We didn’t actually buy anything; there were lots of flowers, maple syrup, and baked goods (and preserved meat, but that doesn’t really interest us anyway), but nothing we needed this week. Now we’re looking forward to the market filling as as the season progresses; we’re also looking forward to our CSA starting in mid-June!

Moved to a new site!

For those following along at home, we’ve decided to move to a joint domain (! We didn’t feel like dealing with the hassle of migrating our old site, so we’re using good, old-fashioned copy & paste, because we’ve also done a poor job of actually updating the old site!

Also, after all of two blog entries, we think we’re going to start blogging about more than just food. We’re not quite sure what “more” means yet. We did dye some pretty fantastic Easter eggs today, though.

Welcome to Our Food Blog

Hello! Aaron and I have finally gotten our act together, and we are going to start blogging about our food adventures. When we started on these adventures almost three years ago, I had been vegetarian for just over four years and was not super adventurous when it came to exploring new vegetables; Aaron was a perfectly happy meat-eater. Aaron dutifully (in an effort to woo me, I think) went to the library, checked out vegetarian cookbooks, and started trying to make veggie food for me. Unfortunately, he quickly discovered that I don’t like leafy greens, tomatoes, mushrooms, and a wide range of other perfectly normal foods.¬†

Three years later, we’re much better prepared to create a well-balanced, delicious meal for the two of us. The purpose of this blog is to chronicle these continued adventures, as we explore new foods (recently: seitan) and attempt to fulfill my need to own every vegetarian cookbook.