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Easter Eggs

Aaron and I celebrated Easter on Sunday, first at the family Easter service at church, which included this fantastic story: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOwY9PbVMwk

I mentioned to Aaron last week that I missed getting an Easter basket (I tend to really enjoy when people give me things…), and he actually got me one, complete with a seder plate. It was very sweet.

We had also purchased a $1.50 egg dying kit (I wanted the wire egg holder, likely worth << $1.50). In an effort to capture a nice picture of my Easter spoils, I ended up with this photo. This scene is pretty indicative of the rest of the day; Hairy and Luna definitely wanted to participate in the festivities.

Hairy and the Easter Basket

Equipped with our egg dying supplies, we set out to dye our 7 hardboiled eggs.

Egg Dying Supplies

Our coffee mugs were just the right size for dying eggs; we ended up using bits of paper towel, however, to identify the colors, because it was (unsurprisingly) hard to tell the colors apart in the black mugs. Not to be left out, Hairy and Luna tried to partake in our festivities…

Luna with Easter Eggs

All in all, it was a pretty nice way to spend the weekend. We’re slowly starting to make our own holiday traditions, which is a wonderful process. We love spending the holidays with our families, but it can be difficult to carve out the time for travel, plus I’m not a huge fan of leaving the cats for too long (and, having taken Luna to the vet on Saturday, I think we can safely rule out the possibility of ever taking her on a car trip!).