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Green Beans and Escarole Calzones

I forgot to show off our first green bean harvest a few weeks ago. We’re growing green beans and beets on the patio this year, and the green beans are ready for eating!

Patio Green BeansWe’re continuing to make our way through our first CSA share. I’ve been taking strawberries in my lunch every day, and we actually supplemented with berries from last week’s market. I never used to enjoy raw strawberries, but these have been delicious. The strawberry season is pretty much over in Madison, so this will likely be the end of local strawberries for us for the year.

We decided to make escarole calzones from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone to try to use our escarole. When we opened up the escarole, we discovered just how large ours was!

Raw Escarole

Aaron cooked the escarole with garlic and red pepper flakes, which smelled wonderful.

Cooked EscaroleThe escarole went into pizza dough, as you’d expect for calzones. They turned out pretty well–gorgeous on the outside, flavorful on the inside. I’m somewhat reluctant to eat cooked leafy greens (it’s primarily a texture issue); I’m not sure whether I’d want to make these again. I might try to get over this fear at some point; leafy greens are so good for you! Until then, we’ll continue to try recipes and see what works well for my texture issues.

Escarole Calzones For those keeping track at home, we’ve finished the broccoli, swiss chard, and salad mix, and we’re almost done with the strawberries. We still have some of each of the other items left. The garlic garlic scapes, pearl onions, and potatoes will certainly last for a while, and we’ll work hard to finish everything else before our next delivery on Thursday.